Customized Videos
Upload a video talking about your offer or tie your landing page to an existing video you already have online.

Trigger Emails
Send customers instant offers or follow up emails based on how they answer questions on your landing page. 

Instant Notifications
Best of all, receive an instant notification complete with customer information and any answers to questions. every time someone registers on your purl landing page.

Vision-Trax Reporting
View real-time reports on each purl. Group your purl campaigns into groups to quickly compare performance.

Dynamic Questions
Find out additional information and send trigger responses based on your customer’s answers.

Soft Credit Pull
Know your customer better than they know themselves. Customers are placed in tiers based on credit history.

Static Landing Pages
We can even provide you a static URL to put on your website or print on fliers or business cards.

Game View Technology
Give your customers the thrill of a play to win game and a chance to win big prizes. We insure grand prizes up to $50,000.

Black Book and Kelley Blue Book Real-Time Trade Value
Your customers can find out the up-to-date value of their current vehicle based on current dealership trade value.

Real Property Profiling
Learn what kind of home your customer owns all the way down to what flooring they prefer and how much they owe on their mortgage

Polk Automotive Profiling
Your customers will be ranked by how likely they are to be in the market for a new vehicle.

Appointment Scheduler
Your customers can schedule an appointment based on your store hours, promotion hours and available staffing.

Social Media Sharing
Customers can share your offers on their favorite social media sites. We track how many shares and possible views you get.

Scan to Win Promotions
Tie your purls to a scan to win event by either printing a scan code on direct mail pieces or give the customer a certificate with a scan code printed on it after they register on your PURLs.

Wilkin's Purl Features
We feel we have created the ultimate Purl features that will accommodate all industries. No matter what you sell or what services you offer, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Our features include: (Click on any of the links below to learn more)
Use our promotions in your direct mail promotions to learn more about your customers before they even come in to your location. Give customers reasons to visit your purl landing pages by offering additional incentives including a chance to win prizes or printing bonus offers. And, send your customers direct links via email campaigns to your customer list or a radius around your location.
Our purls are easily accessible on a mobile phone via a QR code or a direct link. Videos and all functionality works exactly the same!*