The 360 Degree 
Marketing Approach
Direct Mail PURLs:
Add a bonus offer to your direct mail piece to entice customers to visit their Personal Landing Page. Reach the customer before your promotion. Plus, add a scan to win barcode to your mailer to attract them to come to your store to win big prizes.
Email Marketing:
We give you the opportunity to send your customers a PURL via email. This personalized message will reach your customer's inbox to quickly get your message in front of them. Send this in conjunction with a direct mail campaign to reach your customer from multiple forms of media.
Personal and Static Landing Pages:
When your customer reaches their landing page, be sure to use this valuable moment to tell them about your product by use of creative imagery or a well planned video. Plus, use this time to gather additional information including phone numbers and email addresses. And even ask them a few questions to help better serve them. To see sample landing pages visit our sample purls page.
Real-Time Customer Profiling:
After a customer registers at their landing page, we can instantly gather some additional information behind the scenes with our customer profiling tools. Drop your customer into a tier based on credit worthiness, or find out how many and what kind of cars they buy. Even learn how likely they are to be in the market purchase. We can even tell you how big their house is, what kind of flooring they have in it and how much equity they have available! To learn more about these profiling tools, visit our features page.
Instant Notifications.
We let you know the instant someone registers at your PURL. There is no better time to strike than when the customer shows interest. Plus, every little detail of the customer is stored in our reporting tool that you can access anytime, from anywhere. To learn more about our reporting tools, visit the reporting page.
Trigger Emails:
Once your learn about your customer's interests and preferences, our system can send them an automatic trigger email with offers designed specifically for them. 

We all know that the more your reach out to your customer will increase the likely hood of a customer purchasing products from you or utilizing services by you. With our 360 degree marketing concept, it isn't just how much, but how you reach your customer. The easier it is for your customer to learn about your products and the more opportunity you put in front of your potential customer is the key factor to getting people to buy from you!
Get to Know Your Customer:
It all starts with the potential customer. The more you can learn about your customer will help to sell your products and services to them.
Our 360º Marketing
Strategy allows you to reach your customer in all stages of a promotion utilizing multiple forms of media.
Give your next promotion that extra boost you need 
with Purl Expert's 360º Marketing! 

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